The man who moves the pianos.

Sam is a strong man.

The time I have known Sam, he has made me understand that men can be great in two ways:

Large in stature, body, muscle, but also large in heart.

That's Sam, twice as big.

Eight years ago, Sam learned how to load, pack, hold and transport pianos and his invaluable and professional help has allowed us to move the pianos we have delivered.

His corpulence is a blessing for us, because one by one, he throws the pianos on top of the trucks, secures them, ties them up, but above all, he treats them with love.

With the same love and strength that his great heart is always ready to help. That he understands noble causes. It's almost impossible to get no for an answer from him.

Thanks Sam for being the man who moves the pianos.

Sam is a great man.

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