Reynosa, the first challenge.

Salvador Serrano, Chava, has been the Principal of his school for more than 15 years.

He was a student of modern harmony whom Martín Espinosa met twelve years ago, since 2009, becoming true friends.

Chava has created a musical culture around him and his students, adolescents and children, to whom he teaches classical music and jazz in a theoretical and practical way.

Sustaining the school has not been easy, but now it will be easier.

The school has received a beautiful grand piano as a donation.

With it, their two annual concerts can be scheduled for their students to show their progress.

like for twelve years.

And on the other hand, Salvador agrees to organize an annual benefit concert, since with the piano at school, he will be able to continue raising his level as a pianist, alongside all the musicians who have joined the cause to create among all an important and beautiful work:

"Touch and change lives through music."

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