VISIBLE SOUNDS is an event full of music, paintings, and sculptures in which we will listen to bel canto, classical music, jazz, mariachi and rumba. Four visual artists will paint an artistic interpretation on twelve pianos, a visual description of the great masterpieces, creating a fusion between music and visual arts. Following the inauguration of the VISIBLE SOUNDS exhibition, it will be destined to visit different cities and countries, demonstrating our work with children and the arts. The event will be held at Roots Cafe in the Decorative Center of Houston 5120 Woodway Dr. 145 Houston, TX 77056 CALL US: (713) 338-1191 Tickets $80.00, includes 4 courses meal + open bar Service provided by Roots Cafe FRIDAY 11 FEBRUARY 2022, 7:00 PM Book your tickets by clicking on the link below

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