Arts Without Borders Corporation advances thanks to you!

More than ever, we need your support with donations TODAY!

Arts Without Borders Corporation was born as a small project that sought to donate pianos to true artists, committed and talented, who will need an instrument to develop their skills.

However, time has led us to grow this project more and more every day. We have benefited people from Mexico with instruments, studies and training.

We have also done more. Every day new collaborators are added to collect, load, transport, move, unload, fix, rebuild and beautify our instruments.

In the same way, we are with processes that have united us with other organizations such as AMLuthiers, schools, churches and institutions in the USA and in Mexico.

Precisely because we have grown, we need you more today. Young people of all ages and social classes are waiting for your support to achieve the dream that they have set out to fulfill if you support them with a donation or scholarship.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks for your Donation!

Thanks for your Scholarship!

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