Africa, help us help!

AMLuthiers in coordination with Arts Without Borders Corporation are asking for your help for this Youth Band in Uganda, Africa!

The World Association of Luthiers, hour with its project in Uganda, Africa; recommends support for the Happy Angels Youth Brass Band which serves 211 needy children and youth with few instruments.

Additionally, AMLuthiers is organizing donations of brass and percussion instruments, spare parts and maintenance and repair tools, as well as educational materials. These donations are being stored in Valencia, Spain.

Its Vice President, Manuel Martín, will provide training for the maintenance and repair of the instruments.

The project will provide means for the training of musicians and also for luthiers of musical instruments. There is currently no formal instruction for musical instrument repair in any country in Africa. Students in this course will have a career to support their families.

Help now!

211 young people are waiting for your donation!

• Donations of money for education, food, accommodation, and career training, click here!

GoFundMe • Donations of musical instruments, spare parts, tools, teaching materials. Write directly to Manuel Martín.

Learn more about AMLuthiers:

Donate to the Happy Angels Youth Brass Band

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